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Jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2022, de 02.00 a 03.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Register in this Webinar and join Digital Aviation and Cyber Security specialists CrossConsense as they highlight the importance of Cyber Security and how to mitigate risks as the industry moves towards a digital future. The Webinar begins with CrossConsense experts outlining the importance of focusing on cyber security when planning a digital journey for airlines, operators, MROs, OEMs and others. Companies are likely to focus on other aspects, such as optimizing operations, using big data to drive decision making, streamlining processes with digital tools, etc. However, as you will see cyber security is an equally important aspect of digitalization. The potential and nature of threats and how to best mitigate risks through awareness and systematic security for each employee, are highlighted.
You will then see an overview of the world’s first 5G WQAR/AID solution, AFIRS EDGE which, coupled with Iridium Certus SATCOM, seamlessly and securely flows real-time operational data to the flight deck, during all phases of flight, or to ground applications. You will also see how that data can be used to power a range of real-time flight-deck and ground Apps that are so crucial for next-gen digital operations.  CrossConsense will talk through some of their own Apps developed together with FLYHT, such as: FuelSense™ for fuel efficiency, ACSIS for predictive maintenance, Aircraft Fleet View 2.0 for live fleet status, and ClearPort™ for aircraft turnaround support, all of which use this real-time data to streamline digital processes but additionally, as you will see, the secure data can also be used to flow into a back-end MRO / M&E system.
Full Webinar Overview: Aviation Cyber Security – The importance of Managing Risk
Aviation cyber security is the protection of people and assets from unwanted access to or damage from computers or networks. When planning an aviation digitalization journey, companies are likely to focus on other aspects, such as optimizing operations, using big data to drive decision making, streamlining processes with digital tools, etc. However, cyber security is an equally important aspect of digitalization, and should not be forgotten.
Companies should, instead start at the beginning of a digitalization journey, visualizing the path along which they will travel, and keeping cyber security in view at all times. Doing so will help avoid costly mistakes and provide better risk assessments and mitigation plans along the way.
And because aviation is under constant threat on its journey to full digitalization, with new digital possibilities becoming a reality, attackers are stepping-up their game, as well. In aviation, the threats come from many sources: malicious insiders, hacktivists, cybercriminals, and terrorists. As in other sectors, cyber threats to aviation can be both external and internal.
The more a company is going digital, the more important it is that everyone involved is aware of the risk and has the right mindset to counter or stop a threat when it shows itself. This is true for everyone within the organization itself but also for suppliers.
By attending the webinar, you will gain a better understanding of the importance of aviation cyber security within your organization. You will get an idea how the AFIRS Edge™ (AFIRS = (Automated Flight Information Reporting System) – the world’s first 5G avionics with options such as an AID or Iridium Certus™ Satcom – is able to send aircraft data to the ground in a secured way and can fill the data into different applications developed by FLYHT/CrossConsense, as well as into systems such as and EFB or MRO / M&E backend system.  You will hear of some of the FLYHT/CrossConsense developed applications for next-generation digitalization:  
- FuelSense™, an app that saves money and the environment by mastering fuel efficiency. FuelSense provides intelligent fuel data to not only help airlines to optimize operational efficiencies and drive down costs, but also help them meet carbon offset mandates and other regulatory requirements.
- ClearPort™, an app that is focused on Turn Management. It allows the user to increase network efficiency and aircraft utilization, and focus on the turn, not just the delay.
- ACSIS, an aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting and engineering tool for predictive and preventative maintenance. It monitors system defects, and analyses data from pilots plus maintenance reports.
- Aircraft Fleet View 2.0, for real-time fleet status. The App indicates AOGs, delays and other important information. It provides the right level of detail to be useful but not crowded with information. Individual color-schemes in accordance with the corporate identity of your airline are, of course, possible. You will see a new feature of Aircraft Fleet View – the ’CAMO Release’ feature. As you will see Users can communicate with their CAMO via the App to get the CAMO Release for Service; also, the feedback of the CAMO triggers a push notification to the user’s mobile phone or tablet.
Finally, you will learn how CrossConsense’s consulting and reporting services can support any company by making sure that cyber security and data safety always are integral parts of each employee’s processes and procedures.
You will discover the role of risk within aviation cyber security and get to know the different ways to mitigate risks. The Webinar will also focus on the unique combination of FLYHT and CrossConsense and the path to digital. CrossConsense look forward to welcoming you to the webinar.
Webinar Agenda
- CrossConsense & FLYHT, a short introduction
- Cyber Security: The threat is real
- Awareness and Systemic Security
- Hardware, Software, Consulting and Support, Services you can trust
- Questions and Answers
- About CrossConsense GmbH & Co. KG
CrossConsense, FLYHT’s wholly owned subsidiary, offers highly skilled services to the commercial aviation industry and provides preventative maintenance solutions.
CrossConsense can look back on more than 20 years of providing AMOS support. Many airline customers throughout the world have profited from CrossConsense’s experience. Hosting and operation of backend MRO solutions is also a feature of the portfolio. Furthermore, CrossConsense offers services in the areas of operating and reporting. CrossConsense is also an expert in performing AMOS upgrades and migrating data from one MRO backend system into AMOS and vice versa.

CrossConsense’s SAAS solutions include Aircraft Fleet View, a native application that gives a real-time view of airline fleet status; AviationDW, a managed data warehouse for enhanced business intelligence; and ACSIS, a visualization and predictive maintenance alerting tool.  

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