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Web 3 - The Sequel Nobody Wanted but the Studio Had to MakeAgéndalo en tu calendario habitual ¡en tu horario!

Viernes, 5 de agosto de 2022, de 03.00 a 04.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
Webinar en inglés

What exactly is Web 3? The sequel to the popular Web 1 and 2 that are now a part of everyday life? Will Web 3 fulfill the promise of a decentralized, censorship-resistant world where creators can easily release NFTs of their work and make a good living? Or will it simply be a tired rerun of Web 1 and 2, where we end up with a few dominant players controlling the markets and making a lot of money while everyone else pays (in time or attention) to consume the content? Kurt Seifried will take you through a quick review of Web 3 and show why, even if you don’t want to, you have to participate (if you don’t, your competitors will).

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