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Miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2022, de 03.00 a 11.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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Welcome to this live-streamed event that will cover the big picture of Autonomous vehicles integrated with the smart city and mobility infrastructure of tomorrow!
As the automotive industry races to develop and improve the ADAS/AD capabilities of tomorrow's vehicles, the complexity in the city landscape is ever-deepening due to an increase in traditional mobility and new emerging micro-mobility.
The relation between the infrastructure of our cities and the means of transportation for tomorrow is growing increasingly important. With a multitude of new emerging solutions to mobility, the challenges faced today by OEMs are seriously multi-faceted and the solutions are heading in a direction of increasing dependence on not only on-board sensors and computing power but also leveraging the off-board solutions of a smarter city, the Smart City.
Furthermore, city planners will have to face the important challenge of balancing the environment, safety and mobility needs through the deployment of new technology and swift development of new rules and regulations. In this arena, the OEMs will play a very important role in promoting and establishing the safe, comfortable, and smart methods of mobility. To meet these challenges a holistic approach towards mobility and smart infrastructure is required and with these new modes of collaboration and abilities to quickly adapt to a rapidly developing requirements landscape in smart mobility and smart infrastructure.
Join us for a day of presentations and discussions with an aim to consolidate the challenges, solutions and vision of the ever-stronger connection between the future of mobility and the future of our cities.
9.00 - 9.10 | Welcome - Siemens solutions for the transportation eco system
Ian McGann / Ola Jansson
9.10 - 9.30 | Cities in transformation - or not? Understanding how emerging trends shape our cities
Maria Börjesson
9.30 - 10.15 | Benefit of the digital twin on Chip and City level
Gwen van Vugt
10.15 - 10.30| Break
10.30 - 11.15| Lifecycle insights with the executable digital twin
Matthieu Worm
11.15 - 11.45 | The future of transport is electric, autonomous and digital
Per Olof Arnäs
11.45 - 12.30 | Software vulnerability in connected vehicles
Lee Harrison
12.30 - 13.00 | Break
13.00 - 13.45 | Charging the evolution of eMobility, connecting the real and digital world
Andreas Finnstedt
13.45 - 14.30 | Automotive and Heavy Equipment Industries’ role in achieving viable sustainability
Doug Burcicki
14.30 - 15.15 | Panel discussion - The future of the automotive industry and mobility infrastructure
Elisabeth Hörnfeldt / Ian McGann / Gwen van Vugt / Doug Burcicki
15.15 - 15.30 | Break
15.30 - 16.15 | Commercial vehicle transportation of the future - vision
Elisabeth Hörnfeldt
16.15 - 16.55 | Smart cars, smart cities and smart people – making our transportation future
Edward Bernardon
16.55 - 17.00 | Closing summary
Ian McGann
About Siemens
Siemens Digital Industries Software is driving transformation to enable a digital enterprise where engineering, manufacturing and electronics design meet tomorrow. The Xcelerator portfolio helps companies of all sizes create and leverage digital twins that provide organizations with new insights, opportunities and levels of automation to drive innovation. For more information on Siemens Digital Industries Software products and services, visit www.sw.siemens.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Siemens Digital Industries Software – Where today meets tomorrow.
Maria Börjesson:Professor of Economics, VTI Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Affiliated professor in economics at Linköping University
Topic: Cities in transformation - or not? Understanding how emerging trends shape our mobility. Maria Börjesson’s research covers transport policy, transport modelling and transport economics, and Maria will challenge our ideas on what the future of mobility will look like in our cities of today and tomorrow.
Gwen van Vugt:Senior Director Autonomous Vehicles, Siemens
Topic: The future of autonomous vehicles and connected cities!
Ian McGann:Director of Strategy and Innovation, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Lee Harrison:Automotive IC Solutions Manager, Siemens EDA
Topic: Cloud technology is touching almost every part of a vehicle's electronic system, the complexity and the stakes are higher than ever when it comes to ensuring that Safety and Security! Not just at source, but at every level of the automotive supply chain and beyond. But the reach of this technology is far greater, and far more complex than its original intended use and here lies a great vulnerability that we need to address!
Edward Bernardon:VP Strategic Automotive Initiatives, Siemens
Topic: Smart Cars, Smart Cities, Smart People – Making our Transportation Future Autonomous, electric cars and smart cities will have a transformational impact on our lives. As the next generation of smart electric car technology develops, supporting technology and infrastructure is also evolving to help make autonomous electric cars a common occurrence in our daily lives. This ranges from a variety of transportation modes, micro-mobility to air taxis as well as urban infrastructure, laws and regulations. This presentation will highlight the challenges and issues of how smart cars and smart cities are evolving together to create our transportation future.
Andreas Finnstedt:Country Director, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
Topic: Charging the evolution of eMobility, connecting the real and digital world!
Douglas A. Burcicki:Senior Director, Integrated Electrical Systems, Siemens Digital Industries Software
Topic: Automotive and Heavy Equipment Industries’ role in achieving viable Sustainability Transportation and Heavy Equipment Industries realize the importance of achieving true sustainability on our planet. However, the path is fraught with challenges – companies must remain financially viable to exist long term, sustainability must bring value to consumers, partners, and producers, and we must achieve it within the context of existing infrastructure. Companies struggle to transform internally, let alone with external partners such as municipalities and governments as well as technology providers. The only way to succeed is through intense partnerships that change where and how the players cooperate.
Matthieu Worm:Senior Principal Expert, Simulation & Digital Twin, Siemens Technology
Topic: Lifecycle insights with the Executable Digital Twin The true added value of a Digital Twin for complex megatronic products like autonomous vehicles comes when the entire lifecycle is taken into account from the start. During every stage of the product's lifecycle, its Digital Twin is enriched and performance optimization is in reach at all times. Siemens drives advanced research towards standardization of critical Digital Twin technology, to enable a digital thread from design, through manufacturing and use, up to disposal and recycling: a prerequisite for every stakeholder in the future of mobility ecosystem.
Elisabeth Hörnfeldt:Head of Innovation Office| YRI, Scania CV AB
Topic: What will affect the future of transportation and logistics? Elisabeth will share about their HITS project and the EU collaboration project Alice.
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