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Martes, 1 de marzo de 2022, de 09.00 a 12.45 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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 ustomer expectations today are set by the experiences they receive across all industries, which means that mortgage providers are being compared against the real time visibility of dominoes, the automated end to end process of Amazon, and the personalization of Spotify.

In comparison, for the vast major of lenders the mortgage process is still highly fragmented, paper based, and lacking in visibility for the final consumer.  This in turn leads to increased customer frustration, loss of market share and increased costs for the mortgage provider.
With that in mind, PEX Network's Digital Mortgage Process 2022 will be focused on:
- Automation – leveraging automation to enhance the end to end efficiency and experience of the mortgage process
- Customer portals – giving customers real time visibility as to the progress of their mortgage application
- Data aggregators – integrating with aggregators to increase both customer acquisition and customer authentication
- Mobile – optimizing the mortgage experience on the channel of choice for an increasing number of consumers
- E-signatures and smart contracts – increasing the speed and security of the contracting process
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  • Digitalización de hipotecas (2 días)