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Generative AI - ChatGPT - Intelligent Automaton - Private AI Code Automation & Testing - Data Orchestration - Vector Databases
Jueves, 8 de febrero de 2024, de 13.00 a 15.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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AI Deployment Summit - is a multi-vendor virtual summit where experts will address top AI and automation technology trends set to shape the enterprise landscape in 2024 - and beyond

Attend Online & learn:

  • ChatGPT for the Enterprise - ChatGPT for the Enterprise
    ChatGPT rewrites the rules for modern chatbots. Learn how to use ChatGPT and the ChatGPT API for Conversational AI to benefit customers and your business.
  • AI & Low Code Platforms - Automates Apps & Integration
    Thanks to AI, low-code/no-code platforms can build faster and smarter apps and integrations -- often without tech skills. Learn the emerging use cases.
  • AI Modernizes ERP, Systems - Coming Enterprise 2.0
    Businesses are already putting AI to use in 'live' systems to improve cash flows, uncover new profit potentials and predict trends.
  • LLMs, Data and Vector Databases - Hidden Heros for AI Success
    Learn the potential of large language models, datastores and vector databases to unleash your first AI projects. Get expert tips and real world use cases.
  • 'Quick Start' AI/ML Platforms - Open Models & Analytics for All
    Most businesses now say "cognitive tech" is important, but don't know where or how to start. Experts share their picks for easy-to-learn, AI/ML platforms.
  • AI for DevOps & App Pipelines - Faster, Cleaner Apps that 'Think'
    AI is set to disrupt app innovation. See how AI fights backlogs, delivers error-free QA, ensures security and embeds BPA/RPA with real-time intelligence.
  • 'Edge' Transformation - New Paradigm for Edge Computing
    AI's impact on edge computing means local data processing, real-time local responses, lower bandwidth costs, and stronger, smarter edge security.

Observability with AIOps/MLOps - Protection for Business IT
Enterprises enjoy deep visibility and resiliency for IT systems and business apps. Learn how AI/ML improves DevOps, cuts MTTR and even automates self-healing. 


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