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Jueves, 19 de mayo de 2022, de 13.00 a 14.00 hs Horario de Virginia (US)
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No matter how robust your planning phase and how hard you try to evaluate all possible failures, problems, and defects will occur. When an unexpected issue arises and can impact product quality, how do you approach this situation? The key to preventing a jump in manufacturing costs is to find a solution and put measures in place to avoid repeating the problem.
Reacting fast is important, but only if you deeply analyze root causes and implement measures to correct them. Then you can solve the problem and avoid reoccurrence while improving the quality of the product itself.
Consumers are requesting more innovation, faster delivery, and cheaper products while demanding higher quality and safety assurance. Adopting a closed-loop quality management solution helps design, manufacturing, and quality teams to immediately react to an adverse event by sharing the same information for continuous quality improvement through faster complaint management.
Problem-solving following a systematic approach
The problem-solving process for the resolution of a quality issue, nonconformance, or customer complaint follows a systematic approach that can be shaped to cover 8D (eight discipline) principles or CAPA(Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions). It is important to systematically investigate, analyze and resolve quality issues, streamline the definition of measures to prevent recurrences, and report the results in a clear and intuitive manner.
Quality teams need to react immediately to discover root causes and implement corrective and preventive actions to solve the problem and avoid a reoccurrence. Design, manufacturing, and quality teams can share the same views about the needed information to continuously improve product and process quality.
Managing defects centrally
Join our live webinar and discover how your design, manufacturing, and quality management teams can share the same views of the information they need to continuously improve quality.
We will explore:
- Steps to support your ability to review investigations using consistent processes
- How to integrate quality issues, problem-solving, and change process flow
- Why common change management enables manufacturers to realize the greatest benefit from the continuous improvement process
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Meet the speakers
Katrin Leyh SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES SOFTWARE Siemens Quality Solution Domain Owner
Katrin is responsible for global business development for the Siemens sales and service organization in the area of quality management software. She started her professional career with IBS in Germany in 1991. With the implementation of production, quality and traceability management software solutions, IBS was the brand leader in the German market for over 30 years. Katrin has worked in several areas, including sales and customer product and relation management.
Valentina Lupo SIEMENS DIGITAL INDUSTRIES SOFTWARE Industry Manager – Discrete Manufacturing
Valentina is an industry manager for Siemens Digital Industries Software, with a focus on quality. She started her journey with Siemens three years ago in the business enablement team of manufacturing operations management. Before joining Siemens, she held different positions in quality management and R&D, both in Italy and Poland. She also covered project management positions, as a “Certified Project Management Associate – IPMA Level D®️”. She holds a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Polytechnic of Bari.
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  • Boost your problem-solving process strategies